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CIS Center for Immigration Studies Board of Directors

The CIS board, CIS staff, researchers and contributor base are neither predominantly "conservative" or predominantly "liberal." The Center for Immigration Studies believes that discussion of immigration policy must be well-informed and grounded in objective data in order to lead to better immigration policies.

The diverse Center for Immigration Studies Board of Directors includes civil rights leaders, former government officials, and active and retired university professors. The CIS board is as follows:

  • CIS board Chairman Peter Nunez is a former US Attorney for San Diego (1982-1988) and the first Hispanic appointed to that position. Peter Nunez is a former a former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Enforcement (1990-1993), and is now both a lecturer in the Department of Political Science and International Relations at the University of San Diego and Chairman of the Board of Directors at the Center for Immigration Studies.
  • T. Willard Fair is President of the Urban League of Greater Miami (Congressional Testimony: Mass Immigration vs. Black America).
  • Frank Morris, Sr. is former Executive Director of the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation, former Dean of Graduate Studies at Morgan State University.
  • William W. Chip is the senior international tax partner of Covington & Burling LLP. William Chip has chaired or served upon the Tax Committees of numerous business and professional associations, including the U.S. Council on International Business, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, and the U.S.-Mexico Chamber of Commerce. Before entering law school, Bill served for three years as an officer in the U.S. Marine Corps. His writings on the topic of immigration include "The Ethics of Immigration," published in the May and June, 2008 editions of First Things.
  • Otis L. Graham Jr. is a professor of history at the University of North Carolina, Wilmington.
  • Vernon M. Briggs, Jr. is Emeritus Professor of Industrial and Labor Relations at Cornell University. He is the author of Mass Immigration and the National Interest: Policy Directions for the New Century.
  • Carol Iannone.
  • George W. Grayson is the Class of 1938 Professor of Government at the College of William and Mary, is a member of the Center for Immigration Studies Board of Directors. He has made more than 200 research trips to Mexico and authored approximately twenty books and monographs on Mexico, Latin America, and international affairs. His latest book is Mexico: Narco Violence and a Failed State (2009). He is also a senior associate at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, an associate scholar at the Foreign Policy Research Institute, and a member of Phi Beta Kappa. Grayson also writes a weekly column for the Mexico City magazine, Milenio Semanal.

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